Monday, January 11, 2021

Exciting news update

 This is a follow-up to a previous post made on Dec.13th of 2020.

I will be launching my website for my new business (Twin Peaks Sex Coaching) between Jan. 18th- Jan 22th.  I will post a link to it on this website/blogsite once I have it available. 


My Twin Peaks Sex Coaching Services will benefit you if:

1.     You are seeking to discover or rediscover your sexual essence

2.     You are seeking to maximize your communication skills with your partner

3.     You are seeking to establish relationship boundaries

4.     You are seeking to create or recreate peak sexual/life experiences

5.     You are seeking Mr. or Mrs. Right

The essence of the Twin Peaks Sex Coaching Model is build on the 10 guiding ingredients that interconnect and compliment one another to create a recipe for achieving peak sexual experiences as well as peak life experiences.

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