Saturday, October 24, 2020

6 Functions of Protein


1.     Transportation of nutrients to the right places: Proteins make very efficient carriers, enabling nutrients to go to the right tissues.

2.     Growth and tissue maintenance: Protein is needed to build and maintain tissue. This is one reason why the protein requirement for growing children can be twice that of adults and slighter higher for athletes.

3.     Hormone production: Hormones control many chemical activities in the body, and these are made of unique proteins, for example testosterone is a significant tissue-building hormone.

4.     Fluid balance: Protein assist in controlling the fluid balance between the blood and surrounding tissues; this helps people maintain blood volume and sweat rates during physical activity.

5.     Enzyme and protein synthesis: There are hundreds of distinctive tissues and enzymes that are proteins.

6.     A source of energy: The carbon in protein provides the same amount of energy per unit of weight as carbohydrates.


Recommended Intake of Protein: 10-35% of total calories

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