Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Quality & Quantity of Relationships Influence on Stress


·       The quality of relationships as well as the total number seems to be a foundational piece in buffering stress. Negative relationships take their toll to varying degrees. Arguing with someone for example, weakens the immune system.

·        One study of college roommates found that the more they disliked each other, the more prone they were to colds and flu, and the more frequently they needed to go to the doctors.

·        John Cacioppo, the Ohio State University psychologist who did the roommate study, stated, “It’s the most important relationship in your life, the people you see day in and day out that seem to be crucial for your health. And the more significant the relationship is in your life, the more it matters to your health.”

·       People’s satisfaction with their lives, their self-esteem, and their ability to effectively manage stressors are strongly impacted by the quality of their relationships.

·       Those whose lives are devoid of quality relationships are prone to suffer bouts of depression; this unhappiness, in turn, stresses others or drives them away.

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