Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Envisioned Possible Selves

·       You can create specific self-images of future successes and failures. These possible selves are developed from your personal experiences, and sociocultural influences that shape your life pursuits. Possible selves that are well-articulated serve multiple purposes.


·       Possible selves provide a theoretical framework for interpreting your experiences; they influence the way you think about your potential and life options.


·       Possible selves guide your direction of action and motivate your pursuit of specific, personalized goals.


·       Self-Images greatly help create envisioned possible selves well when they include the relevant plans and personalized strategies for realizing your desired possible futures.


·       Ill-defined possible selves remain but idle fantasies. Non-specific envisioned future selves capture a theatrical portrayal of a character who never quite manages to get their act together. Reflecting on their unrealized ambitions leads them to the undeniable insight: “All my life I’ve wanted to be somebody. But I see now I should have been more specific in my life pursuits.”


·       You possess a variety of possible selves that reflect your hopes and dreams. Positive envisioned selves motivate and guide you to realize desired futures. However, unwanted and feared selves can block action or prompt avoidance of what you may be afraid of becoming. If combined with positive images, however, they can serve as additional motivators to do what is needed to avoid envisioned unwanted futures or to prepare to cope with them. Due to this additive motivational effect, the balance of positive and negative possible selves might be more influential in shaping your desired self than either the positive or negative visualized selves alone.


·       Positive anticipatory thinking is the primary means by which your self-images get translated into behavioral abilities and positive life outcomes.


·       People who are successful at realizing an envisioned desired self, guide and motivate their efforts through the utilization of self-regulation techniques.  



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