Friday, September 25, 2020

Cloudy Versus Clear Mind Exercise

1.     Pour water in a clear drinking glass or a glass bowl.

2.     Place some colorful crystals, rocks, shells or small objects around the outside of the glass or bowl, then look through to the other side at the objects around the outside of the glass or bowl.

3.     Then sprinkle some baking soda into the water and watch the water get cloudy and the objects around the glass or bowl disappear; this is what happens in your mind when you are distracted, worried, angry, or stressed.

4.     Keep watching the water in the glass or bowl to see what happens as the baking soda settles to the bottom; this is what mindful breathing does for the mind.

5.      Mindful breathing clears and calms your mind, settles your thoughts and feelings, and helps you to feel more relaxed and better able to focus on the present moment.

6.     Wiggle your body to get your mind revved up again while stirring the water or adding more baking soda.

7.     Notice how cloudy the water is again, like the mind, and watch it settle as you sit quietly mindfully breathing and watching.

8.     Continue breathing slowly as you watch the water clear. By breathing slowly and steadily your thoughts and feelings settle and your mind become clear.



Remember, a clear, focused mind allows us to see life’s many possibilities to realizing our dreams and our destiny.





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