Friday, September 25, 2020

3 Ways to determine if you are Mindfully Breathing


1.     Place one hand on your abdomen above your belly button and one hand on your upper chest. Just breathe and notice which hand moves first, if the bottom hand moves, great, that’s a belly breathe. If the top hand moves more, that’s a chest breathe, which is the same as anxious breathing. Intentionally move your stomach in and out just below your rib cage and above your belly button to get the feel of a belly breathe. Notice when you breathe normally which hand moves more. Remember: bottom hand moves more: a belly breathe: great! Top hand moves more: a chest breathe: same as anxious breathing.

2.     Intentionally take a chest breath and blow on your hand. Notice the temperature as it flows across your fingers. Now, deliberately take a belly breath and blow on your hand. Again, notice the temperature of the air as it flows across your fingers. You will notice that the air feels warmer when it comes from a belly breath. Remember: Chest breath: cold air, Belly Breath: warmer air.

3.     Lie down on your back. Place an object on your belly such as a book or a pillow. Now make the object go up and down as you breathe.


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