Thursday, March 5, 2020

A Way to Stimulate Your Brain

Stimulating your brain is a healthy means to promote the growth of neurons and prolong healthy brain performance. When you stimulate your brain, you are creating new neural pathways and connections, facilitating improved brain function.

Brain Stimulation Exercise:

Silently tap your fingers, 1 tap, and 1 finger at a time, in sequence. Then reverse the order of tapping. Then tap each finger twice, in sequence, then in reverse. Then repeat sequence three times.

If you were lying inside an MRI, the scan would show distinct areas of your brain "lighting up" as you performed the above task.

Tapping your fingers in sequence activates groups of neurons in at least 4 different areas of the brain:

1)    The prefrontal cortex, where the brain makes the conscious decision to do the task…

2)    The premotor cortex, where you formulate the instructions for doing the task…

3)    The motor cortex, a type of relay station that sends those instructions on to the arm and hand muscles that move the fingers…

4)    The cerebellum, which supervises the whole process and adjusts your actions as needed.

 Exercise for the Brain

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