Sunday, February 23, 2020

Physical Activity & The Brain

Physical activity and movement are critical elements of any program designed for obtaining or maintaining health and happiness. The human body is an amazing, multifaceted phenomenon with approximately 60 to 90 trillion cells. Each one of these cells benefits when you engage in physical activity.

Physical activity is a significant lifestyle factor linked to brain structure and function, particularly later in life.

Physical activity and movement can actually produce a tranquilizing effect on the body that can last approximately 4 hours. People who struggle with the physical symptoms of anxiety (such as gastrointestinal problems, palpitations, pacing, sweating, etc.) are especially likely to benefit from physical activity.

Those who engage in physical activity tend to experience less depression than those who do not. While exercise alone cannot eliminate depression or help someone in a severe stage of depression, it has been very helpful for those with milder cases or for those with feelings of sadness, and self-criticism.

Cardiovascular fitness is one of the most significant indicators for brain health.

A healthy lifestyle fuels a healthy body and mind. The concept of a healthy brain is not new but it has recently received increasing focus because of the significance of a healthy brain to a healthy physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual life. By adopting a brain-healthy lifestyle you can reduce your risk of brain deficits and diseases and substantially improve your quality of life.

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