Sunday, January 5, 2020

“Puppy Expectations”

This is my puppy, Phoebe, when I take her for walks, she is often greeted by people wanting to say hello to her. However, approximately 90% of the people refer to Phoebe as a “he”; they assume that she is a male dog. 

This is an example of “puppy expectations,” in that people are assuming the sex of the dog without actually knowing. In this case, assuming, and having false expectations does not result in much harm, or not achieving one’s personal goals. However, it is a very good example of how our brains are wired to make faulty assumptions and expectations, under specific situations.

Having faulty assumptions about the sex of a dog, ultimately has little consequences, however as it pertains to your goals, the specific means by which you will accomplish them necessitates never assuming, or expecting a certain result without knowing the specifics and the facts.

Being specific and clear in your goal pursuits keeps your expectations realistic, thus goal attainment becomes a reality! 

My little Phoebe story is a lesson about faulty expectations.  

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