Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A collection of insightful information

We are still at the "starting line" of the New Year, 2020! As we know insight leads to clarity, increasing our chances of goal accomplishment and success.

A handy little collection of insightful information is beneficial to all of us who seek to make the most out of each and everyday; this is what my book is, 160 pages of valuable insights.

For example:

“Social support enables the production of protein based molecules, such as T-cells and natural killer cells, which assist with proper immune functioning. Social support seems to slow many processes associated with body and brain aging. In a study of approximately, 7,000 subjects, it was discovered that individuals with more social support live longer regardless of their socioeconomic status, exercise habits, smoking, or obesity. The results of this study support the fact that social support improves our health by assisting in regulating our emotions, which subsequently has a positive impact on metabolism and immunological functioning,” p.70

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