Sunday, December 8, 2019

When we lose focus such communication errors happen…

The following is an actual phone message that I received regarding a repair of our stove, arrangements made by our landlord (Linda): 

“Hi Linda, this is Carol, actually…Hi Robert this is Carol from the appliance repair department, your parts are hopefully due in by Wed.

I am pre-scheduling you for Friday, if that does not work please let us know, if it does, one of the girls will give you a call on Thursday with a time for Wed.

Thank You.

Bye Bye.”

She was distracted for whatever reason (s), for example she was not calling Linda (first error) and (second error) “a time for Wed,” when she began the sentence by saying she was pre-scheduling for Friday.

I discuss internal/ external distractions and effective communication in my book, as I have previously stated, my book is a handy reminder for such things that affect us all, on a daily basis, such as effective communication and focusing skills.

All of us make focusing and communication errors, this being said, with the insights offered in my book we are in a much better position to recognize and improve our focusing and communication skills.

When we improve our focusing and communication skills we greatly increase our chances of accomplishing our goals and realizing our dreams! 

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