Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good Question

Why do some people have a more difficult time losing weight than others?

1) Genetics is a definite factor in how easily someone loses weight. In addition, gender differences play a role in that when men lose weight they tend to lose abdominal fat first, while women typically have a more difficult time losing abdominal fat. However, there are additional , more controllable variables as well. First, the amount of muscle mass a person has is directly proportional to his or her metabolism, and thus calorie expenditure. Individuals who have a large muscle mass can more easily lose weight when they control calorie intake than someone who has a low muscle mass.

2) Individuals who have more weight to lose are more successful in their weight loss efforts when they decrease their caloric intake and increase physical activity, due tot he fact that their baseline is often a very high-calorie diet.

3) Behavioral Factor: Some people are more successful at losing weight because they are better able to adhere to a lower calorie diet and consistently participate in physical activity.

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