Sunday, October 14, 2012

Top 3 barrers to Exercise...

1) Lack of Time: The most often reason given for inactivity is a lack of time. Approx. 69% of those who do not exercise on a regular basis cite a lack of time as a major barrier to physical activity. However, a closer examination of schedules typically reveals that the so-called lack of time is more of a perception than a reality. The essential key to finding time for exercise lies in priorities, making physical activity a priority, enjoyable, satisfying, and convenient.

2) Lack of Energy: Many people keep very busy schedules that prompts fatigue to become an excuse for not exercising. Approx. 59% of non exercisers claim that lack of energy is a major barrier to physical activity. Fatigue is typically more mental than physical and often is linked to stress. If activities are made to be fun, people are more apt to look forward to doing them, on a regular basis.

3) Lack of Motivation: Approx. 52% of the people not exercising consistently report a lack of energy that establishes sufficient motivation to sustain physical activity over a long period of time. It takes commitment and dedication to maintain regular exercise when an individuals life is busy with work, family and social obligations. Keeping in mind the many benefits of exercise, finding strong motivators is very important in maintaining motivation.

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