Saturday, August 11, 2012

Core/Abdominal Exercise

Oblique Roll-Down

1) Sit with your arms extended to the sides, parallel to the floor.

2) Contract your abdominals, drawing your navel to your spine and lengthening the spine upward.

3) Roll backward while simultaneously rotating your torso to one side.

4) Staying in a flexed position, rotate your torso back to the center.

5) Rotate to the other side, maintaining the abdominal contraction.

6) Return to the center, and repeat sequence, 4-8 times on each side.

Technique Ques:

 Your arms are to lengthen as you roll down to create opposition throughout the torso.

Your neck should be relaxed and lengthened to prevent straining

*Avoid: Tensing your neck and shoulder muscles   

*This exercise is not recommended if you have a herniated disk

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