Friday, August 3, 2012

About Juicing...

Juicing helps reset the body's appetite control center by providing the high quality nutrition it requires. Juicing is a very good way to supply key nutrients to the body in a fresh, raw and natural way.

Diets containing a high percentage of uncooked foods are strongly associated with weight loss and the lowering of blood pressure in overweight individuals.

Cooking can cause considerable loss of water-soluble vitamins and to a lesser extent fat soluble vitamins. Uncooked foods such as juices contain more vitamins and other nutrients, thus more satisfying to the body. The result of juicing is reduced calorie intake and weight loss in overweight and obese individuals.

Juicing assists the body's digestive process and allows for quick absorption of quality nutrition.

A key benefit of juicing is its ability to provide high levels of natural plant compounds that contribute to protection against cellular damage.

The following are some of the most nutrient dense foods ideal for juicing:

1)  Carrots
2) Apples
3) Pears
4) Watermelon
5) Pineapple
6) Grapes
7) Cantaloupe
8)  Strawberries
9)  Cauliflower
10) Celery
11) Bell Peppers
12)  Kale
13) Spinach
14) Brussels Sprouts
15) Beets

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