Tuesday, July 24, 2012

9 Citrus Types

1) Kumquat: tiny fruit with an interestingly sweet, pungent peel that adds interest to salads.

2) Lime: hugely aromatic peel; complex tang adds tropical spritz to soups and tacos.

3) Lemon: more neutral than lime, and all purpose acidic brightener

4) Blood Orange: sweet and tangy with hints of raspberry, possesses a remarkable flesh

5) Tangelo: easy to peel like a tangerine, the best tangelos have a tart, grapefruit like zing

6) Red Grapefruit: tart and sweet, possesses a delightful bitter edge.

7) Navel Orange: mildly sweet, juicy fruit- the basic orange that many have grown to love

8) Clementine: small, usually seedless fruit that sweet-tangy and easy to peel

9) Tangerine: Look for firm fruit, a nice balance between sweet and sour, great for salads

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