Sunday, July 29, 2012

4 cheese types and their uses

1) Chipotle Cheddar: Chipotle peppers imbue this very popular cheese with a smoky, slightly spicy character: retains some body as it melts. This cheese is perfect for a quesadilla

2) Havarti Herb: A creamy and buttery cheese, gets an Italian accent from oregano, basil and parsley. This cheese melts nicely to enhance omlets and dishes with rice and pasta

3) Monterey Blue: Robust and rich, softened by a subtle touch of creamy Monterey Jack. This cheese works well for pizza, and dips

4) Smoked Gouda: Features a butter and smoky-sweet flavor that mellows to reveal a caramel taste
When this cheese is heated, it becomes creamy and soft, an ideal topper for a hamburger patty

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