Sunday, April 29, 2012

4 tips to reduce high blood pressure

According to the American College of Sports Medicine:

The following 4 lifestyle choices will contribute to a lowering high blood pressure:

1) Maintain healthy body weight:  (BMI below 25) approx. decrease in systolic blood pressure: 5-20 mm Hg/10kg weight loss

2) Stay physically active: (30 mins of exercise on most days of the week)  approx. decrease in systolic blood pressure:  4-9 mm Hg

*Consider the following two facts: 1) Excerise casuses blood vessels to dilate, leading to a reduction in blood pressure. Aerobic exercise is a key element to the regualtion of hypertension; because a single bout of moderate intensity exercise can reduce blood pressure by 5-7 mm. And, this reduction in blood pressure brought on by a single bout of exerise can persist for up to 13 hours after the bout of exercise. 2) An exercise program consisting of both aerobic training and circuit training has a greater eefect of lowering blood pressure than simply a program consisting of lifting weights/resistence training

3) Moderate alcohol consumption: (no more than 2 for Men and 1 for women, daily) approx. decrease in systolic blood pressure: 2-4 mm Hg

4) Eating follwing foods: whole grains, fish, fruits, vegetables, poultry and low fat dairy  approx reduction in systolic blood pressure: 8-14 mm Hg

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