Saturday, February 18, 2012


6 Calcium Facts:

1) Our bodies contain more calcium than any other mineral.

2) Bones and teeth contain more than 99% of the body's calcium.

3) Calcium plays many important functions including: maintaining enough calcium in your diet not only maintains healthy bones but also help prevent hypertension, reduce your odds of getting colon or breast cancer, reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and improve weight control.

4) The Adequate Intake Level for calcium is 1,000 per day for adults aged 19 to 50. Adolescents need more calcium to maximize peak bone mass, recommended amount for this age group: 1,300 per day.

5) Dairy products provide more than half of the calcium in the average American diet. Nonfat milk is the most nutrient dense because of its high calcium content, low fat and calorie content.

6) Certain brands of cereal, bread, orange juice and yogurt products are fortified with calcium, thus making them good sources of calcium

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