Monday, January 23, 2012

Motivating and Inspiring by the 6's!

Motivating and inspiring by the 6’s

My Vision: To continually grow as a personal trainer by educating and inspiring others through scientifically proven exercise technique and progression

My Mission: To encourage and influence your perception and daily habits in a way that promotes a consistently healthy lifestyle by utilizing effective communication and a variety of progressive exercises.

6 Key strengths:

1)    Persistence: emphasizing consistency, staying on track with the program
2)    Integrity: People with integrity do what they say they are going to do; they follow through on commitments
3)    Perspective: being able to provide sound information and insight to others
4)    Authenticity: Speaking in a genuine fashion, speaking truthfully
5)    Passion for Learning: love for mastering new skills, and learning different topics
6)    Humor: love to laugh and bring smiles to other people

Service Description:

I work with my clients in a collaborative fashion to create a shared vision, a roadmap to success. By creating a clear vision of one’s goals a roadmap to success is established. It is a fact that with a clear vision and a sense of purpose it is much easier to reach our goals. It is in essence like having a flashlight to guide us on our path to success.

The unique advantage, motivating and inspiring by combining the six strengths and six credentials:

The six credentials:

1)      Lifestyle lived and dedicated to fitness/ a history in bodybuilding competition
2)      B.A. in Psychology
3)      National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification
4)      American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification
5)      American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Certification
6)      American Council on Exercise Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach

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