Sunday, January 1, 2012

Interesting tidbits..

1) When it comes to margarines, no matter what the labels say, all margarines are basically the same- mixtures of food additives and soybean oil.

2) About 75% of the fish (and 90% of the shrimp)sold at grocery stores and restaurants in the United States is imported, and most comes from Asia and Latin America

3) It is good to eat lots of carbohydrates, some more than others:

fiber: excellent for you

whole grains : good for you

refined grains: not as nutritional unless combined with healthier foods

natural sugars: not so bad because they come in foods that contain many other nutrients

added sugar: not very because they add calories but no other nutrients

4) How much you eat and when you eat matters more to your health than when you eat

5) All 3 types of fatty-acids: omega-3's, omega-6's, and omega-9's help protect you against heart disease, so it us a good idea to consume foods that contain all three of them

6) The more pulp a juice contains, the better the nutritional value

7) White flour bakes into lighter and softer loaves, however these are nutritionally inferior to those made from whole grains

8) Yogurt has been the fastest growing dairy products in the United States for decades.  If you want a yummy yogurt, add your own frozen or fresh fruits, thus avoiding heavy sugars, fruitless juice concentrates and other "stuff" that come in most supermarket yogurts.

9) If a meat is 80% lean. This means it is actually 20% fat, by weight, and this fat makes up more than two thirds of its calories.

10) "Processed"is a code word for foods minimal in nutritional may even call it "junk food."

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