Friday, December 23, 2011

Proper push-up technique

Here are the correct steps for performing a Push-Up with proper form and technique:

In preparing:

1) Begin in a push-up position with feet and hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
2) Draw in navel and contract glutes

Movement sequence:

3) Keeping back flat, slowly lower body toward ground, by flexing elbows and retracting and depressing shoulder blades.
4) Stop at intial point of compensation.
5) Push back up to starting position, by extending elbows and contracting chest. Do not allow head to jut forward.


1) on knees
2) hands on bench, feet on floor
3) wall push -up


1) lower extremity on ball
2) hands on medicine ball
3) Hands on stability ball

Safety reminder:

A common compensation that often occurs when individuals are performing a push-up is the low back arching (stomach falls toward the ground). This is an indicator that the person possesses weak core stabilizers and the exercise must be regressed.

I strongly reccomend this exercise!

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