Saturday, November 26, 2011

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together....

Very often I find it very helpful to use anaolgies when trying to bring together a point of interest.

So, here I go again...!

There are numerous factors to take into account when creating a game plan for achieving our desired goals; there are numerous "pieces of a puzzle," to put together to complete our mission.

All of these "pieces of the puzzle," must fit just so in order to get optimal results.

The obvious  pieces are: proper nutrition, adequate sleep, exercise ( cardio and resistence training) and motivation.

Quality personal training is also a piece to this puzzle because this allows you to achieve optimal results and getting there more efficiently.

Another piece tot his puzzle that you may not think of is simply understanding a little more about ourselfs, recognizing our character strengths; this allows us to use our greatest asset...our inner strengths and motivators!

Having a B.A in Psychology, I strongly believe in personality types and recogizing our strengths so we can use them to achieve our goals.

Throughout my educational process I used the following personality assessment test numerous times; this test is widely used and has proven to be highly regarded.

Just click on the link...Do it!

Have some fun....

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