Sunday, November 6, 2011

More about me....

Since my first days of wanting to pursue a college degree, I knew that I loved to learn, I knew that loved to feel enriched from newly acquired knowledge.

In terms of my continuing my pursuit of fitness knowledge, I am learning little tidbits of information from multiple sources almost on a daily basis.

I am also beginning to study for my 4th personal trainer certification (National Academy of Sport Medicine). This certification is considered the best in terms of the latest cutting edge research based fitness programming.

Some may say..."Do you really
 need a 4th certification?" The answer is no..however I want to be as well rounded as possible in terms of my fitness knowledge. My view is, the different certifications all say essential the same thing in their overall programming, however each posses their own unique perspective. By incorporating different perspectives into my training style, it keeps the workouts fresh, fun and productive!

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