Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do you really need a personal trainer, lets be honest?

The simple answer is most likely no..thats! You do not need a personal trainer to perform daily functions, it least most people do not.

However, by virtue of being human, we are all complex with wants and goals.
We need to ahieve our wants to ultimately be happy. For example, if a person has not exercised in years and would love to get back into shape as they were in college, start competing in small running events, achieving these goals would bring a sense of fulfillment..thus happier. Was this an example of a need or want...? The point is: we are all striving to live as fully as we can, as happy as we how ever you want to think of personal training as a need or a want, personal training and weightmangement councling can benifit you!
Here are a few proven benfits to personal training:
goals are achieved more quickly, reduces the risk of injury to the client, provides more structure to one's workout, increases motivation and consitency, utlizes clients time more efficiently

I ask you to think about some fitness wants that you have been wanting to achieve but may not have been to achieve on your own...

Let me assist you on your path to success!

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